100 Deadly Days: Making the Road Safe for Summer

truck stake pocket tie downs

According to AAA, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 Deadliest Days. This is because, during the summer months, a greater number of people are on the road.

Many of these drivers are teenagers on summer vacation.

As recent experiences with self-driving cars have shown, putting overly cautious drivers on the road with the reckless can be dangerous. And teen drivers are often a mix of both.

Here’s how you can stay safe these next few months and how you can make the road a safer place.

Keep Your Cargo Strapped Down

Truck tie downs are important for keeping your gear and other cargo securely strapped into your truck. You may think your cargo is perfectly fine without being held in place, especially if it’s heavy, but that’s not true.

In fact, errant debris was the cause of more than 200,000 crashes over a four-year study conducted by AAA. The last thing you want is for your cargo to fall off the back of your truck and cause a car accident.

Expect The Delays That Come With Traffic

One of the most common hazards of summer driving is increased traffic on the roads. This isn’t just because of more drivers on the road either.

Traffic also increases during the summer because an increase in road work as city officials patch up roads damaged by winter weather. Unfortunately, increased traffic can make drivers careless out of frustration and anger.

It’s important to meet traffic with patience and focus to avoid car accidents and reckless drivers. Plan ahead to avoid known work zones and given yourself extra time to make it to your workplace.

Watch Out For Motorcycles

Summer means motorcyclists will be appearing more often on the road. Unfortunately, this puts motorcyclists at greater risk for an accident.

Motorcyclists can be difficult to spot on the road. So be sure to double check your mirrors before you make a turn or change lanes.

Additionally, be sure to follow motorcycles at a greater distance than you would a car. This is because motorcycles are able to stop faster than other vehicles and you may accidentally hit them from behind.

Truck stake pocket tie downs can help keep your cargo secure no matter where you’re going or what you’re hauling. To learn more about truck stake pocket tie downs, truck bed tie down anchors, or truck bed hooks, contact BullRing today.

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