3 Common Hauling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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As long as you own a truck, you’ll be making your fair share of hauls. Whether you’re helping a friend move to a new house or carrying equipment for work, today’s trucks are more capable of performance than ever before.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind when hauling or carrying hefty equipment in your truck bed.


The last thing you want to do as a truck driver is to put too much pressure on your truck tie down hooks or put too much weight on your truck bed. To help you avoid causing any major damage to your truck, here are three of the most common hauling mistakes truck drivers make and how to avoid them.


It’s critical to know the ratings not only of your truck, but also the tools you’re using to haul. For instance, unmarked webbed cargo straps are rated at a minimum of 1,000 pounds WLL per inch of width. If you’re unsure of the ratings of the tools and vehicle you’re using, you can easily cause damage not only to the vehicle but also to yourself and those around you. Look up the ratings of the tools and vehicle you’re using before starting on any major hauling project.


Your truck and the truck tie down hooks and straps you’re using may be able to handle a certain weight, but your local regulations may not be so confident. Be sure to look up the local regulations not just in your own area, but any area you may be traveling to. Laws may differ on the speed you’re allowed to drive when carrying heavy cargo and others may require special braking equipment. It’s better to be safe than land yourself a ticket.


It’s one thing to be able to load cargo into your truck bed and another to load it in properly. Cargo that’s off-balance can put uneven pressure on your tires. Unsecured cargo can easily shift or even fall off. Be sure when you’re loading cargo into your truck bed that it’s distributed evenly across the truck and 60% of the weight is in front of the axle.

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