Beach Cruiser Tie-Down Tips!

Beach Cruiser Tie Down Tips

It’s time for some beach cruising this year, we know 2020 has been a rough year for being outside, but there is still time to get some fresh air. There is nothing quite like taking family our for a nice ride on bikes by the beach for the day.

Beach cruisers are specific bikes made for simply cruising up and down the beach line and they have very specific styling that makes them stand out from other bikes out there. However, with that comes to some challenges on tieing them down in your truck bed. Often people just lay them on top of one another rather than standing them up. Don’t be that guy with over tangled bikes in the back of your bed.

BullRing offers a wide variety of truck anchor solutions for your truck to make loading and transporting these beach cruisers much easier. Properly strapping down your bikes is crucial to keep them in pristine shape and preventing them from possibly flying out on the freeway or hitting a bump.

The best place to tie-down a beach cruise is by the handlebars as this will prevent the steering to move and fall on its side while driving. This Ford F-150 is using our Ford Shorty Truck Anchors here.

Try Bullring Tie-Downs Anchors on your Truck Bed!

How to put your beach cruiser in truck

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