Bonding With Your Kids Through Handyman DIY Projects

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Are You Handy?

Being a handy parent or spouse is beneficial to everyone in the household, and guarantees that you’re never bored; whether you’re repairing that busted drywall, unclogging those pipes, or building a shed for practical use – you’re able to contribute and save the family money that otherwise would’ve gone to a professional.

You’ve got experience hauling two-by-fours, bags of cement, plywood, and power tools in and out of your truck. You’ve got intimate knowledge of your working load limit (WLL) and the “weakest link” theory (the system is only as strong as its weakest link), which is why you utilize all the tools of the trade to the best of your ability: BullRing tie downs, retractable anchors, and truck tie down straps and hooks are all comfortably in your repertoire, allowing you to heft and haul any number of materials hither and yon to get the job done. So, why not pass that knowledge down to your kids through any number of fun, creative projects?

Bonding Begins With You

The age of your children determines how much help they can be, especially in large, technical projects that have safety basics like a tree house, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sit avidly by and soak up all the information you throw at them.

It’s important that they accompany you throughout the entire experience: take the youngins on a trip to the local hardware store as you stock up on supplies. Talk about which materials (wood, fasteners, etc.) are good for which projects and let them suggest ideas of their own.

Get them involved in every step of the way. When you’re loading things into the bed, explain how tie-downs for trucks work and why they matter. Explain load limits and why it’s important to be safe, especially when driving with dangerous materials in the back. As the building process begins, get them their own gear: goggles, gloves, and working clothing is essential if they’re going to become miniature handymen!

As the work progresses, you’ll find yourself having more fun for having your little one by your side. We think a little bit of hero worship is good for every parent, so why not enjoy it? Whether you complete the project or not, your kid will have a lasting memory of the experience — and just maybe, they’ll be able to remember how BullRing tie-downs for trucks work. If not, we hope that you’ll remember to contact BullRing in the future and we’ll be happy to help!

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