5 Tips for Choosing the Right Truck Bed Cover

Truck Bed Cover
A truck bed cover — also called a tonneau cover — can increase your truck’s versatility. It provides weather protection, security, increased gas mileage, and it can add to the style of your truck. A tonneau cover can be an essential accessory for truck owners who carry tools or other expensive equipment in their truck beds. When comparing different tonneau covers, keep in mind that not all covers are created equal. That’s why we’ve come up with five tips to help you select the right cover for your truck bed.

1. Choose a Cover That Will Fit Your Needs

Truck bed covers come in different materials, like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, canvas, and ABS polymer. You can also choose between a tilt-back, roll-up, snap, retractable, or folding bed cover. Some covers even come with rack systems, so you can carry a ladder or a kayak. Although you have several options, you should select a cover based on your needs. If your primary objective is to protect your cargo from thieves, then a hard cover with a lock might be best for you. If you need easy access to your tools, then a roll-up or folding cover might be your best bet.

2. Select a Cover That Will Protect Your Cargo From the Elements

You should select a cover that will protect your cargo from whatever mother nature brings. Cargo that’s exposed to the elements can quickly become corroded, faded, or ruined. If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, then you should probably stay away from the soft covers. Most soft covers will sag under the weight of a lot of snow. If you live in an area that’s prone to lots of rain or snow, then you should choose a cover with superior weather seals.

3. Make Sure the Truck Bed Cover is Compatible With Other Accessories

Although a truck bed cover is important, other bed accessories can be just as essential. For example, tie-down anchor points can be a necessity when it comes to securing your cargo. Truck anchor points install into the stake hole pockets of a truck bed. Some tonneau covers sit over these pockets, making them inaccessible. If you want to keep access to these holes, choose a low profile cover. If you haven’t installed truck anchor points and are considering doing so, BullRing tie-downs are compatible with many tonneau covers.

4. Check the Level of Maintenance Required

Most truck bed covers don’t require much maintenance. However, a retractable truck bed cover may require some mechanical maintenance to ensure that it stays in good working condition. Some retractable covers need to have their rails lubricated occasionally to help with movement. A vinyl cover might require a UV protectant from time to time. Be sure to check for any maintenance requirements before you make your final selection.

5. Check the Installation Requirements

In addition to checking the maintenance requirements, you should also check the installation requirements before purchasing a truck bed cover. The difficulty of installation varies from one cover to the next. Some can take about ten minutes to install while others may take close to an hour. Some only require the use of hand tools while others require drilling. Make sure you’re familiar with and are able to install the bed cover that you choose.

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  1. Tammie Houston says:

    My daughter is looking for a cover for her truck because they will go camping next month. Thanks for mentioning that she needs to choose a cover that will protect all her cargo from anything that mother nature brings that can cause damage. I think I need to let her know about the different types of truck bed covers and I’ll surely share your article with her as a reference.

  2. Amrit Mirpuri says:

    Thank you sharing the 5 tips required in choosing the right truck bed cover. It will help those who are looking to buy bed covers for their pickup. Keep writing such informative blogs.

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