Hook, Line, And Sinker: How To Protect Your Truck Bed

retractable tie downs

Your truck bed takes a serious beating throughout the year. Whether you’re carrying heavy equipment, helping a friend move, or you live in an area with a lot of hail or snow, your truck bed can be subject to some scratches and bruises.

This is why it’s so important to give your truck bed a little extra care. Without protection, your truck bed could fall victim to rust and other damage that can impair your ability to sell your truck when the time is right.

Here are a few ways you can better maintain your truck bed to protect your investment.

Use retractable tie downs to keep things secure

Errant debris was responsible for up to 200,000 car accidents over a four year period, according to a study conducted by AAA. That said, not only is it dangerous not to use truck tie downs to keep your equipment and other items you’re carrying in your truck bed secure, but it’s also bad for your truck bed.

An unsecured load can bang around in your truck bed and cause serious dents. When paired with rain and other elements, these dents can put your truck at risk for rust. Truck bed anchors and hooks will ensure your truck bed can securely hold a load when necessary.

Apply a bed liner

Bed liners are one of the easiest solutions to protecting your truck bed. You can either secure a bed liner in your truck bed manually or you can apply a spray-in liner. Spray-in liners require a more challenging application compared to the easy-to-install-and-remove drop-in liner, but it’s also less likely to crack under pressure.

Truck bed liners help to protect your truck bed from scratches and dings that can happen when you’re loading or unloading items from your truck.

Looking for retractable tie downs to make your truck bed safer?

In 2017, the U.S. auto market sold up to 17 million light vehicles and approximately 18% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. are pickup trucks. When you bought your truck, you did it because you saw a great investment. Retractable tie downs can help you protect your investment.

Bull Rings offers truck tie down hooks and truck tie down straps to make sure whatever’s in your truck bed stays securely in place. To learn more about our truck bed tie downs or for more information on Bull Ring tie down installation, contact Bull Ring today.

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