How Can I Keep My Truck Looking Sharp This Summer?

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Spring is heating up, which means it’s time to gear up your truck for some serious summer adventures. But tailgating, off-roading, and road trips can take a toll on your truck.

Here are some things you can do to keep your truck looking great all summer, and all year, long.

Keep Truck Rust At Bay The Right Way

Some trucks start to rust before they’ve been on the road for a decade. Luckily, you can keep rust at bay by inspecting your vehicle on the regular. You’ll want to treat rust before it spreads.

To do this, make it routine to wash your truck, but don’t let water sit on your vehicle for too long or you’ll only feed the problem.

Other tips for keeping truck rust at bay include:

    • Waxing your truck twice a year
    • Scraping rust away with sandpaper or a razor
    • Applying rust arrestor (and primer afterward)

Fight Off Those Pesky Pests: Bug Protection

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road with the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and bugs on your — Oh, gross.

No one likes bugs on their windshield or grill and too much splatter can make your truck look the opposite of cool.

The good news: there’s an easy way to fend off these pesky pests. Bug deflectors can help keep the little nasties off your windshield while also protecting your auto glass from small rocks. Bug screens can also keep pests from getting in your radiator.

Haul With Care: Box Protection

Your truck was made for heavy lifting. But if you’re not careful you may damage your truck box. You can protect your truck box from dings and dents by using a spray-in box liner. A sheet of plywood can even do the trick. If you’re doing some heavier hauling, a heavy-duty liner may be more up your alley. Box caps can also help to protect the top edges of your truck box.

Another way to protect your truck box is by using some good truck bed anchors. When truck cargo isn’t secured right with pickup truck tie-downs, it can move around in your truck box and cause dents and scratches.

A four-year study by AAA found that there were up to 200,000 motor vehicle accidents caused by errant debris. Two-thirds of those accidents were the result of truck cargo that wasn’t properly secured.

BullRing offers truck tie-down anchors that will keep your truck cargo safe and secure. To learn more about our truck tie-down anchors and truck tie-down straps, contact BullRing today.

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