Is Your Truck Ready To Roll For Summer Vacation?

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Summer vacation is on the horizon. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a camping adventure, you’ll need to be sure your truck has a full roster of travel essentials before hitting the road.

You want to be you’re well equipped for anything and everything. That goes for whether you’re headed out with the family, your buddies, or a special someone.


You may not necessarily think you need truck bed anchors and truck tie downs when you’re going on summer vacation. But it’s good to have your basic truck accessories ready to go – just in case.

You never know if you’ll need more camping equipment than you thought and need to strap it in for the ride. Up to 200,000 car accidents were caused by dangerous debris over a four year period, according to a study by AAA. So strap in your equipment!

What’s more, you want to be sure your tires are ready to go. The last thing you want to deal with on your summer vacation is a flat tire. So check your tires well in advance of your trip and make sure there’s plenty of traction for dirt roads.


When it comes to accidents, you may be more worried about getting a dent or a scratch from another vehicle. But it’s important to think about the types of accidents that happen on the inside of your truck too.

On road trips and camping trips, it’s all too easy to have snacks fall to the floor and crushed into the fabric. When you’re not paying attention, that’s when Murphy’s Law tells us that coffee will spill and juice boxes start fall out of little hands.

And your furry friend isn’t immune to car sickness no matter how many times they’ve been in the truck.

Protect your seats with seat covers to keep your truck safe from fur and messes. It’s also a good idea to line the floors of your truck instead of using a floor mat. A floor mat might give you a place to put your muddy boots, but it won’t save the floor from the inevitable apple juice apocalypse.

When you’re prepared for the unexpected, you can keep your vacation going strong.


BullRing tie downs help keep everything safe and secure in your truck bed whether you’re on vacation or on the job. To learn more about BullRing tie downs, truck bed hooks, or truck bed tie down anchors, contact BullRing today.

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