Simple Ways To Make Your Old Pickup Feel Like New

make your truck bed feel new

Up to 18% of vehicles sold in the U.S. are pickup trucks. But even the most glorious of pickups can lose its luster over time.

Although your truck may still get you from Point A to Point B, it may not make you as excited to get behind the wheel like it used to. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can go about making your truck feel like new again without having to spend your life savings at the auto body shop.


Do some power-cleaning

When you want your pickup truck to feel like new, you need to give it more than your average Sunday car wash. You want to clean any grime that may be hiding in the wheels, the engine, and even the underside of your truck.

When you clean the inside, do more than use a wet wipe on the upholstery and a vacuum on the floors. Shampoo the upholstery and carpet. Clean out any crunched up chips that might be hiding in the seat cushions.


Put down new protective covers

Once you shampoo the upholstery and carpet, and you’ve cleaned out your truck bed, it’s time to put down new protective covers to keep your hard work in great shape. If your floor mats are still in good shape, consider giving them a power wash to get rid of any dirt and grime that’s been caked into the corners.

Do the same for your truck bed. It may be time to install a truck bed liner if you haven’t already. Truck bed liners are crucial to keeping your truck bed in great shape and protecting it from dents and debris.


Fix any dents you can see

A dent on your truck may have a story behind it, but it’s a story you can still tell once the dent is gone. Small dents can be popped out with some paintless dent removal.

It may be a good idea to repair dents in your truck even if you’re fine with how it looks. Dents can cause rust and other damage the longer they stay put.


Install retractable truck tie downs

According to AAA, errant debris caused over 200,000 car accidents over the course of a four-year-long study. With that in mind, a new set of retractable truck tie downs may not only make your pickup truck feel like new but it may also save a life.

If you’re looking for new truck tie down anchors, truck bed hooks, and truck tie down straps, Bull Ring is the place for you. To learn more about our retractable truck tie downs and our Bull Ring tie down installation, contact Bull Ring today.

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