Misaligned Rail Caps? Bullring’s Brand-New Product Makes It Right

misaligned rail caps

Bull Ring’s retractable truck tie-downs and Ford trucks are an unbeatable combination.  They’ve long teamed up to make work and play easier and safer for truck owners like you. In recent years, however, owners of certain Ford models produced from 2014-2017 have found their vehicles have misaligned rail caps on the front holes, near the cab. These misaligned caps which proper installation of these products.

Misaligned rail caps??

Image of Ford Truck Misaligned Rail Cap

When Bull Ring learned the issue was still present on 2017 models, the design team tasked itself with improving our design.  While also ensuring it wouldn’t limit your truck’s capabilities.  We designed and produced two brand-new, custom-designed truck tie-downs that fit seamlessly within affected models.

“We wanted to create a solution for the Ford guys who wanted Bull Rings so that they could have the same high-quality tie-downs as everyone else,” said Steve Goebel, at Bull Ring.

Problem Solved!

The misalignment issue affects an unknown number of 2014-2017 Ford F-150s, F-250s, and F-350s.  But, Bull Ring’s revolutionary new Ford product design effectively fixes the problem while looking great in the process.

New Bull Ring Tie Down in Misaligned Ford Truck Rail

Custom-created to fill the entire void left by the misaligned rail caps, these specially made Ford Bull Rings install easily, offer the same aesthetic appeal as Bull Ring’s complete line of top-rated tie-downs and are the only products on the market that remedy the problem. Everything from the color to the texture is perfectly matched to your Ford truck’s rail caps.  Ensuring a sleek appearance in addition to superior functionality. Models 4035 and 4038 are now available to purchase on BullRingUSA.com.

You know by now….NO BULL

If you’ve ever shopped Bull Ring before, then you may know that every product that leaves our shelves is backed by a 100-percent NO BULL guarantee, meaning you have our word that our products will last the lifetime of your truck. This guarantee holds true for every customer affected by the misaligned rail cap issue.  Despite the fact that there are no actual defects in the Bull Ring product line.