Tips to Help Protect Your Truck’s Interior

protect your truck's interior

Many truck owners put a lot of time and effort into protecting their trucks exterior. It only makes sense, of course.  It’s the side of your truck that’s out there for the world to see. Naturally, you would want to put your best face forward. But what about the interior of your truck? You know, the part you have to spend all of YOUR time looking at.  Shouldn’t your truck’s interior have just as pleasant a view as the people on the outside looking in?  Here at BullRing, we think so. Which is why today’s blog focuses a few simple measures you can take to protect your truck’s interior.

Protect your truck’s interior from UV damage

One of the most damaging elements to the interior of your truck is the sun’s heat and UV light. Day in and day out direct sunlight’s effects accumulate. Over time, this can cause plastic or vinyl parts to warp and crack and fabrics to fade and deteriorate. One solution is to use a windshield sun protector. These collapsible reflective shields bounce back a significant portion of the sun’s damaging rays. They help avoid the cracking and fading effects of the sun, and also reduce sweltering temperatures in your truck’s cab. Buying and using a sun visor regularly is a simple way to help protect your truck’s interior. If you don’t have or don’t want to trouble yourself with a sun visor, you can still help reduce sun-related damage by parking in the shade as much as possible.

Another option to consider would be a custom fit dash cover. Custom fit to your pickup, these simple protective covers lay on top of the dash. They can be fixed in place with hook & loop velcro, making them easily removable. A dash cover can reduce heat build-up and cover up cracks if your dash already has them.

Regularly clean and polish your interior

Not only does keeping a neat, clean interior just feel good, it also plays a significant part in helping protect the value of your vehicle. Dust and dirt can cause tiny scratches that can become worse over time. Wipe down the dash frequently to remove any build up. A low-gloss detailing product will also protect it and reduce glare.  Vacuum your truck regularly to remove any dirt and sharp debris that could otherwise be ground into your truck’s carpet, causing unsightly stains. Dirt also has surprisingly strong abrasive power capable of tearing and wearing down the fibers.

To “go the extra mile”, protectively speaking, consider coating the seats, floorboards or other cloth parts of the cab with a few layers of Scotch Guard fabric and carpet protector. Scotch guard not only helps to protect from water damage, it also blocks more solid particles as well as lingering odors.

Install protective covers and mats

As one of the most trafficked surfaces of your pickup your seats and floorboards see it all, from dirt and grime to spills and stains. Keep your cleanup work as easy as possible with a quality set of all weather floor mats.  These will stay in place to collect water, dirt, and whatever else comes their way, while also protecting your carpet from the wear and tear of foot traffic.  The mats are easy to remove in order to rinse any stubborn stains. Be sure to look for floor mats tailored to your trucks make and model to ensure the best coverage.

Seat covers, like floor mats, are a good preventative measure to take as well. No matter how hard you may try, it seems life’s little messes are just along for the ride sometimes. Keep the mess off your upholstery with fitted seat covers. Seat covers not only provide protection from foreign materials, they can also add a touch of personalization to your truck. Not to mention to help guard your kiester against ice cold or searing hot leather or vinyl seats.


As always, we hope this information was helpful. Do you have handy tips of your own to help your fellow truck lovers keep their beloved pickups in top form? Leave them below in the comments section.

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