3 Tips To Fight Back Against Cargo Thieves

retractable tie downs for trucks

Every driver needs to worry about car thieves and break-ins, but truck drivers can be more at risk. Unlike other vehicles, trucks can hold a significant amount of cargo.

This makes trucks more appealing to thieves who can steal that cargo and sell it elsewhere for quick cash. To help keep your truck safe, we’ve created a list of security tips you can use to secure your vehicle and fight back against cargo thieves.

How can I keep my truck safe?

Locks are your truck’s first line of defense against car burglars and cargo thieves. But locks aren’t enough to keep these criminals at bay, especially if they’re experienced.

Here are three ways you can optimize your truck’s security:

Install a Car Alarm to Deter Thieves

A car alarm is great for a truck’s second line of defense. Locks will deter thieves from easily breaking in, but an alarm will alert others to the thieves’ presence. A person struggling with a lock could be a driver locked out of their car, but a person struggling with a car alarm is immediately suspicious.

Keep Your Truck’s Cargo Tied Down

It can be more challenging to access a truck’s cargo when it’s been safely secured by retractable tie-downs. What’s more, tie-down straps can’t be easily cut so a thief will think twice before wasting their time on your vehicle.

Install Window Screens on Your Truck

Thieves often use the grab-and-go method, which is when a thief breaks into a car and grabs only what they can easily find. This is often why a thief will sometimes leave behind more expensive tools they can’t easily identify. Keep your cabinets locked when they aren’t in use and install window screens to deter thieves from breaking the windows of your truck to access your vehicle. 

Where Can I Find Retractable Tie Downs for Trucks?

The average age of a passenger vehicle on the road today is 11.6 years. Whether you’re driving an old or new truck, it’s crucial that your security is as up-to-date as possible.

Try Bullring Tie-Downs Anchors on Your Truck Bed

Bull Ring has retractable tie downs for trucks as well as truck bed anchors, truck bed hooks, and truck tie down straps to keep your cargo secure in your truck bed. To learn more about our retractable tie downs for trucks, contact Bull Ring today.

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