Tips for Purchasing Truck Tie Downs

quality tie downs

Not all pickup truck tie downs are created equal.

Sure they may look similar, and in some cases, they more or less do the same job. But when it comes to crunch time, many tie-downs will simply let you down. 

Using inferior quality tie downs on your pickup truck could end in disastrous results. While you may save a few dollars by purchasing lower quality tie downs, the costs of losing a load on the highway will far outweigh any savings you made initially.

We here at Bullring USA know a thing or two about safe reliable anchor points so here are five tips for purchasing truck tie-downs that will help to keep you hauling happily for many days to come.

Make sure your chosen tie downs are quick and easy to install

Some truck bed anchor points require you to drill holes and clamp bolts into the bed. This can be sloppy, unreliable, and hurt the overall resale value of your truck. Bull Ring tie-down anchor points install easily in your truck’s bed rails in less than a minute. They fit quickly and easily into the existing stake pockets and hold securely in place with just two screws.

Make sure your tie downs are strong enough to last the course.

Anchor points receive exposure to all the elements. Not to mention the accumulated wear-and-tear of everyday use.  So it’s important to get tie downs that are built to last. Stainless steel components hold up better to the rigors of use and the elements better than most metals.

BullRing makes high-grade stainless steel tie downs that can stand up to all weather conditions. They can take the stresses of work without flinching and are built to last you a lifetime.

Make sure that your tie downs have an adequate rated capacity and break strength.

Any time you haul heavy cargo, you need to know that the break strength is adequate for securing the load you want to carry. If not, the anchor point could give way with potentially disastrous results. This is especially true if you are traveling at high speeds on a busy highway.

A rated capacity of say, 500 pounds, may sound more than enough to secure a relatively light load, but the stress on the tie down might exceed that amount on a very tight corner, or when braking hard in an emergency. Because of this, it is best to always use a rated capacity well above what you expect to need. Our Bull Ring tie downs have a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds, more than enough for most pickup truck loads.

Make sure the tie downs you purchase are the right type for you.

There are a couple different types of tie downs. One of the most popular is retractable tie downs. These allow the D-ring to retract down into a recess in the mounting plate. They can be lifted up for immediate use whenever needed. And retract in out of the way when not needed.

Make sure your tie downs complement your truck.

While you need your anchor points to be functional and strong, they don’t have to look all mechanical and rugged. They can look good too and blend into the general design of your truck to be an unobtrusive part of it. Bull Ring tie downs always achieve that. They are probably the most important truck bed accessories you can buy.