Cargo Securement 101: Why Are Truck Tie Downs Important?

Securing Cargo with BullRing Anchors

Here at Bullring USA, we eat sleep and breath cargo securement. Safely restraining cargo for transport is important to us.  And we believe it should be just as important to our fellow truck owners. So in our next few blogs wed like to discuss the importance of different aspects of a reliable cargo securement system. Today lets take a look at why tie downs are such an important part of that system

Although pickup trucks are capable of moving large loads with their open beds, unsecured cargo can be a serious hazard for everyone on the road. Even very heavy items can be ejected due to high-speed turns or sudden stops and starts.  Using tie-downs to secure your cargo will protect yourself from liability, while also sparing you from the trouble of recovering lost goods on a busy road.

Know the Risk

Far too often, truck owners simply toss items into the backs of their trucks without any thought given to properly securing them. Unfortunately, this can have major consequences, which can land the driver in hot water. Federal and state regulations impose strict standards related to cargo securement. Improperly secured cargo can result in hefty fines totaling in the thousands. What’s more, drivers may face liability issues related to accidents resulting from discharged cargo on the roadway.

It may sound far-fetched, but just one little mishap could change your life forever. Even small items can cause major accidents by causing other drivers to swerve off the road or into oncoming traffic. If found responsible for physical injuries and/or vehicle damage, you could be the target of a lawsuit. What’s worse, you could even face criminal charges for reckless endangerment.

When to Use Truck Tie Downs

By creating a downward force and increasing friction between the cargo and deck, tie-downs prevent shifting and ejection. They’re especially important for securing flammable materials such as propane tanks, as well as valuable items such as motorcycles. Use your tie-downs to secure any large or bulky load for transport. This includes furniture, work equipment, appliances, lumber, and mattresses. At the same time, it’s important for your truck to have secure anchor points that meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s standards for proper cargo securement.

It may seem unlikely, but police officers and highway patrolmen are always on the lookout for illegal cargo securement. To avoid potentially costly tickets or fines, use truck tie-downs along with dunnage to securely lock loose items in place.  If you regularly haul items in your truck, familiarize yourself with FMCSA’s regulations related to hauling cargo. You should also consider investing in reliable securement products, such as BullRing’s bestselling line of tie downs, which are backed by a no questions asked lifetime warranty.

BullRing Gunmetal Retractable Tie Down Anchor for Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra

Try Bullring Tie-Downs Anchors on your Truck Bed

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