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Drive with confidence, knowing that Bull Ring Retractable Tie Downs and our heavy duty SpeedStraps can handle any load.

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Why do I need tie downs?

Tie-downs provide an actual anchor point, usually a stainless-steel ring, for attaching rope, tie-down strap s-hooks or other fastening devices. The stainless-steel rings stand above the top of the side rails, ready for use at all times.

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No Bull Lifetime Warranty

We’ve spent over 30 years evaluating truck tie downs and their weak points.
The result of that is today’s BullRing Retractable Tie Down.


We guarantee your BullRing Anchor Points for as long as you own your truck. That’s a “No Bull, No Questions” warranty.

Just ask any of our customers. With over 1 million BullRing truck tie down hooks sold, they won’t be too difficult to find.

  • No Bull
  • No Questions
  • No Hassles
  • No Shipping

Just give us a call or email us if one of your pickup bed Tie Downs ever break
and we will send out your FREE replacement that day.