Truck Tie Downs Buyer’s Guide

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Truck tie downs are not all made the same. Like most truck accessories, there are some very good components, and unfortunately, some very bad ones too. Using inferior-quality tie-downs on your pickup truck is quite simply dangerous. You may save some money in the initial costs. But you will pay much more in the future if you lose a load on a tight corner because a cheap tie down snapped off.

Remember also that it isn’t just you who’s involved. Other road users are also put at risk when things go wrong. That’s why it’s so important to have proper anchor points and truck tie down straps with sufficient rating for the cargo you are hauling. The tie down straps should also be sufficiently rated to ensure proper safety. In short, always get the best truck tie downs you can find. You will never regret going the extra mile to get heavy duty tie-downs and straps that are more than adequate for the job.



1. Your pickup truck tie downs should have a rated capacity adequate for the loads you will carry.

Some anchor points are only rated for 500lbs. This is usually not enough, especially when considering that the anchor point rating should be three times the cargo weight. Bull Ring makes most of their tie-downs to a rating capacity of 1,000lbs. They can take two standard ‘S’ hooks easily. They have an excellent long record of safety and reliability and are more than adequate for securing any cargo you might want to carry.

2. Your tie downs should have the necessary strength and durability.

There are many flimsy tie-downs available on the market. They will cost you less too, but you won’t make any real savings. Always buy stainless steel truck accessories. Over the years they will be subject to all kinds of weather conditions, as well as rough roads with wear and tear from all directions. A truck tie down anchor point from Bull Ring will provide you with the kind of quality, strength, and durability you need.

3. Your tie downs should be quick and easy to install.

Installing your tie-downs should be quick and easy. Bull Ring makes use of the stake pockets on your pick up truck’s bed rail. Installing them is very simple and can typically be done in less than one minute from start to finish. All you have to do is remove the stake pocket covers, insert the pickup truck tie downs, and using a screwdriver, screw tight the two holding screws. Once you are familiar with what’s required, you can install each one in 30 seconds flat.

4. Your truck tie down anchors should be of the type that suits you best.

Retractable tie-downs are popular as they can lie flush with the bed rail when not in use, but they may not be what you need. You may prefer cleats or a sturdier ring anchor point that has no moving parts. Bull Ring caters to all possibilities. Their Bull Ryder is a sturdy stainless steel D-ring anchor point, suitable for securing the heaviest of loads. Their Bull Cleats tie down is ideal for wrapping a rope around, and they have several different retractable types as well. All have a high rating capacity and are made of strong, durable stainless steel.

5. Your tie downs should look good, but should also look capable of doing the job.

Looking good isn’t essential, but there’s nothing wrong with having an important component look elegant and stylish. All the Bull Ring accessories look stunning. They are well finished to do justice to your pickup truck, while still possessing all the necessary strength and safety characteristics. You can have Bull Ring components in chrome-plated stainless steel or components with a silver powder coat finish. All their truck accessories will all be suitably heavy duty and reliable to the end.

6. Your tie downs should be designed to fit your truck’s specific make and model.

Sure, you can probably find some mass-produced, one-size-fits-all truck tie-downs on the cheap on the internet, but what these products lack is the ability to properly and safely secure your cargo while minimizing any damage done to your truck. To function at their best and keep your goods from sliding and smashing around, truck tie-downs need to fit securely with your truck’s specific make and model, and that’s where Bull Ring breaks away from the pack.

7. Your tie downs should grant you access to the best customer service in the industry.

Nowadays, you have options when you shop, and for the most part, that’s a very good thing. It can, however, prove problematic if you opt for the cheap, mass-produced tie-downs that ship to you from some far-off corner of the world. At Bull Ring, there’s a knowledgeable group of customer service representatives ready to take your call, and they can assist with anything from selecting to installing a product.

8.Your tie downs are backed with a “no questions asked” guarantee.

Bull Ring didn’t become the trusted name that it is without backing all of its products with the industry’s best warranty. When you purchase truck tie-downs from Bull Ring, you can rest assured that every product sold comes with a No Bull Lifetime Warranty, meaning Bull Ring guarantees the product you purchase will last and continue to function properly throughout the lifetime of your truck. If something unanticipated should occur, simply request a same-day replacement. We’ll ship it out promptly, no questions asked, and without charge.

At Bull Ring, we believe in doing one thing and doing it perfectly. This relentless dedication to our craft has made us the most trusted name in the biz for over three decades. And we look forward to continuing to lead the industry in the years to come. Thanks to our premium-quality products, our close attention to design and detail and our continued emphasis on exceptional customer service.

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